Teeth Extractions in Brookline, MA

At Brookline Oral Surgery Group, we are dedicated to preserving oral health. That means we go above and beyond to save and restore injured or diseased teeth. But there are situations when extractions are the best solution. Sometimes removing one or more teeth is the only way to avoid more serious problems. In these cases, the tooth is beyond repair. Keep in mind; we never take this decision lightly. Only after we have eliminated all other possibilities, will we remove a tooth. If your Brookline, MA dentist determines that extraction is the right treatment, rest assured you will be treated with top-notch care.

Tooth Removal Near You

There are several reasons why your dentist might recommend tooth removal, including:

  • Severe Decay: Left untreated, a badly decayed tooth can spread the infection to the surrounding teeth. If the decay is beyond repair, extraction will help prevent more problems.
  • Stubborn Baby Teeth: When the first set of teeth fail to shed on schedule, this can cause problems for the adult teeth. Without enough room, the underlying teeth may erupt in the wrong spaces. If not, they may remain in the gums and not emerge at all.
  • Orthodontic Issues: In some cases, an orthodontist in Brookline, MA will recommend the extraction of baby teeth. This will make room for the underlying adult teeth to erupt freely
  • Overcrowding: Decay, cavities, and gum disease can result when teeth are crowded. This happens when there isn’t enough space between teeth, making it difficult to clean them properly. Also, teeth crowding can cause bite issues.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Over time, the human skeleton has changed and evolved. Modern jaws tend to be smaller than our ancestors. There is less room for the last set of teeth, the third molars (wisdom teeth). As a result, wisdom teeth can’t erupt properly. When problems arise, your Brookline, MA dentist might recommend extraction.

Brookline Oral Surgery Group in Brookline, MA

You can trust us to exhaust all other options before recommending tooth removal. But if extraction is necessary, we will make the process as comfortable as possible. Contact us today if you think you may need an extraction.

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