Exposure of Impacted Canine Teeth in Brookline, MA

Only 2% of the population requires exposure of impacted canine teeth in Brookline, MA, and across the country. Making sure impacted canines are treated is important, and you should look for a dentist near you for treatment. At Brookline Oral Surgery Group in Brookline, MA, we perform this procedure regularly.

The upper canine teeth are some of the last to erupt and can become impacted. Looking for exposure of impacted canine teeth near you is important to prevent possible complications. If a canine remains impacted, it can form a cyst. The cyst will exert pressure on surrounding teeth and can become infected.

Exposure of Impacted Canine Teeth

At Brookline Oral Surgery Group, we explain to our patients that canines can become impacted due to overcrowding. This isn’t a common dental problem, but we see it several times a year. Patients usually have a positive family history of impacted canines.

We will require dental x-rays to accurately determine the position of your canines before surgery. Surgery usually takes about an hour, and local anesthesia will be used to numb your mouth. We’ll raise the tissues covering the impacted canine and remove enough bone and soft tissues to expose it. The raised tissue is then sutured back in place. A healing pack is placed over the area and will be removed at a later appointment.


Patients can go home after the procedure and will remain comfortable due to the lingering effects of the local anesthetic. As the anesthetic wears off, you can start taking the painkillers we’ll prescribe. Swelling and bruising are expected and will last for a few days before they resolve spontaneously. Complete recovery takes 10-14 days.

How soon you can return to work depends on the procedure and your occupation. Most people can return to work the next day. If your procedure was complicated or required intravenous sedation, you should take some time off work to recover. It’s also better to take time off if your job requires you to be physically active. We’ll give you more details regarding recovery before the procedure.

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