Bone Grafts in Brookline, MA

A bone graft is a straightforward surgical procedure that increases bone in a specific part of the jaw where bone was lost. The material to rebuild the bone may be borrowed from an external donor or a different section of the patient’s body, e.g., the hip area. Sometimes, synthetic material that mimics natural bone characteristics is preferred.

Brookline Oral Surgery Group has performed numerous bone graft procedures, all aimed at improving our patients’ oral and overall well-being. If you’re seeking a trusted dental office that’s well-versed in bone grafts in Brookline, MA, we welcome you to book a consultative visit with our oral surgeon near you.

Reasons for Bone Graft

Most people associate bone grafting with dental implants. Patients who have insufficient bone to support tooth implants are usually ideal candidates for bone grafting. However, there’s more to bone grafting than just implants.

Our oral surgeon in Brookline, MA, may also recommend bone grafting if:

  • You have experienced traumatic jaw injuries that have left you with significant bone loss.
  • You have suffered bone loss due to advanced gum disease.
  • You don’t have sufficient bone to ensure the good health of your remaining natural teeth.
  • You have a congenital condition that has resulted in low bone density.
  • Your facial appearance has been affected by bone loss.

We evaluate each patient carefully and diligently to ensure that we gather all relevant information needed to create an individualized treatment plan that responds to the patient’s needs.

Depending on your unique needs, you may require a block bone graft, sinus lift, or socket graft.

What to Expect

Since bone grafts are conducted under anesthesia, you shouldn’t expect to experience any pain during the procedure. After administering the appropriate anesthesia, our oral surgeon accesses the surgery site by making an incision in your gums.

The surgeon then places the bone graft material in between the bone sections that require regeneration. Finally, the dentist secures the bone graft with a dissolvable material that prevents the gum tissue from growing into the bone graft and sutures the incision to allow the healing process to begin.

Some minimal pain and swelling are to be expected after a bone graft near you. Remember to use any prescribed pain medication as instructed while also utilizing an ice pack to manage any swelling. The pain and discomfort should resolve after a few days, while complete healing and recovery usually last several months. Timelines vary depending on the type of bone graft.

At Brookline Oral Surgery Group, our patient’s comfort and well-being are our primary priorities. We ensure that you’re well cared for and supported throughout your treatment and recovery periods.

To learn more about bone grafting near you, reach out to Brookline Oral Surgery Group to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our oral surgeon in Brookline, MA.

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