Overview of Bone Grafting

Overview of Bone Grafting

Aug 01, 2021

Bone grafting is the first step in improving both the cosmetic appearance and restorative function for patients.

When there’s less bone density in some areas or parts of the jaw, a dental bone graft procedure can be done to create additional support by increasing the amount of bone in these areas.

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When Would I Need a Bone Graft?

If you have suffered the loss of multiple teeth due to trauma or gum disease like periodontitis, it may cause bone loss. You may start to have sagging facial features because there’s not enough bone left to support them.

Hence, bone grafting helps to restore your appearance and ensures that any tooth replacements or implants you get stay securely in place.

Is Getting a Bone Graft a Risky Procedure?

Bone graft risks are relatively low and dental bone graft procedures come with minimal pain. Patients may experience some discomfort after surgery, such as gum or skin swelling or bruising and minor bleeding. Fortunately, these side effects do not last long. There are also some diet restrictions, such as only being able to eat soft foods while the site heals, following each stage of the bone graft and implant procedure.

Bone Grafting Process.

There are three stages of the procedure.

The bone grafting process involves the removal of a piece of bone from another part of a patient’s body and transplanting it into the affected area of the jawbone. Between stages of healing, the implant process moves forward, starting with the placement of the titanium dental implant into the jawbone. Your oral surgeon will place the abutment, an extension of the implant’s metal post, into the jaw. Molds of the teeth and jawbone are taken, and the procedure of inserting the final tooth or teeth takes place. Alternative options include obtaining bone samples from a source other than the patient themselves to replace the missing bone. These options are just as successful.

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