6 Advantages of Dental Implant Surgery

6 Advantages of Dental Implant Surgery

Jul 30, 2021

Despite proper dental care and hygiene, millions of people still suffer some type of tooth loss. Tooth decay, periodontitis, old age, and trauma are primary factors to blame for tooth loss. But thanks to an improvement in dental care, restorative treatments can help you regain your oral function and appearance.

A few years ago, dentures and bridges were the only available treatment for missing teeth. But today, there’s a better, more effective, and long-term solution to missing teeth – dental implants. Whether you have one or multiple missing teeth, dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. Once you’ve healed, the implant feels, functions, and appears like your natural teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

If you’re curious about how you’ll benefit from the dental implant treatment, here are six ways:

  1. Dental Implants Behave Like Natural Teeth

One of the primary advantages of an implant is that once it heals, it behaves like a natural tooth. Since the implant is surgically attached to the jawbone of the missing tooth, you regain the oral appearance, bite function, strength, and stability of your natural tooth.

They also won’t slip when talking or chewing and do not require to be removed when sleeping. You’ll chew, floss, brush, and speak normally.

  1. Permanent and Long-lasting Solution

An implant is designed to feel and look like your natural tooth. For this reason, they are fused with the bone and thus become permanent. Unlike alternative restorative treatment that requires replacement every ten years or so, dental implants can serve you for a lifetime if well cared for.

  1. Improved Speech and Self-esteem

There are many disadvantages to having an empty socket in your mouth. A missing tooth can impair your ability to chew, speak, and laugh. Once the tooth is replaced with an implant, you’ll be able to speak, chew, and laugh with confidence.

  1. Prevents the Adjacent Teeth from Shifting

Continued chewing with an empty socket in your mouth can cause the neighboring teeth to shift or move towards the gap crookedly. Besides moving your teeth out of their rightful position, it can affect your bite function and appearance. Having an implant as soon as possible ensures that your adjacent teeth remain healthy and in their proper place.

  1. Improved Oral Health

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants don’t require support from the surrounding teeth. No tooth shaping or supporting crowns/frameworks are needed on the adjacent teeth – your natural teeth are left intact. Similarly, since the implant is artificial, it doesn’t get cavities.

Once the missing tooth is replaced with the implant, flossing and brushing will be easier, improving your oral hygiene. Besides, replacing the tooth will prevent jawbone loss, promoting oral health.

  1. Prevent Premature Aging and Face Sagging

One of the effects of jawbone loss due to not treating missing teeth is facial sagging. Jawbone loss causes your face to collapse gradually, causing wrinkles around the mouth, a more pointed chin, thinning lips, and it makes one look older than their actual age.

Who’s Eligible For Dental Implants?

If you’re considering dental implants, it’s essential to speak with a qualified dentist as soon as possible. If the empty socket is left open for too long, the jawbone deteriorates due to lack of stimulation.

Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for dental implants if you don’t have enough usable jawbone. If you do not have enough jawbone, you’ll have to consider bone grafting before the implant surgery. This will not only cost you more but will also lengthen your treatment period.

If you have a damaged tooth that hasn’t been extracted yet and you have healthy gums and jawbone, you can be approved for immediate dental implants. Both extraction and dental implants procedures are performed in the dental implant surgery office on the same appointment.

To find out whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, visit a dental office near you for an examination. The dentist will review your oral health, gums, and jawbone and advise you accordingly. If you’re given the green light, the dentist will discuss the dental implant procedure and schedule you accordingly.

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